Education Projects

A few passionate Biharis took upon themselves to improve the education scenario in Bihar.

The team thought about an idea to start education projects and very soon, the outlines were ready. The team Bihar Fraternity gave it a name of ‘Project Jyoti’, meaning “light”, symbolising enlightenment. In no time the business case was prepared, cost estimation was done and people on the ground were contacted. What startled the team Bihar Fraternity was that, it would take just about 2000 Euro a year to teach a group of 15-20 students at one location. Not a tall call for a fraternity that boasts of about 400 members in Germany alone. And thus started ‘Project Jyoti’.

This is an endeavour to supplement the education of 15-20 selected children, both boys and girls, that exposes them to the world outside of their village. It helps them interact with the people who have made things happen, who have defeated the rickety education system of Bihar to achieve something. The children will be exposed to the entirely new way of education, enlighten them to the immense possibilities that a decent education opens up for them. At the same time, Project Jyoti also aims to impart significant education related to social causes – respecting the women, equal participation of men and women in household, standing up for each other for right reasons, protecting each other in time of crisis and extending the helping hand all the times. Project Jyoti’s aim is empowerment through education, to impart education with purpose.

Two locations have been selected for the project in the first round, one in Khagaria district and the other in Sheikhpura district. The working of these two branches will encourage us to replicate the same model at other locations too.

We are also embarking on the mission that the best education is the one that happens in one’s own environment – so quite a few sessions are being planned to be imparted by the eminent people of the locality. The sons or daughters of the soil are going to lead the change and we expect that Bihar will see a rise in successful people in all walks of life in time to come.

That is what Project Jyoti brings to Bihar – an empowerment for change.